What is WordPress?

WordPress is considered the most well–known blogging tool on the web, employed by an enormous number of sites visited by tens of millions of men and women every day. It represents an open–source project with many volunteers improving it all over the world. Steadily, WordPress has grown from a small blog setup application into a mature content management system for making all sorts of websites.

This excellent application supplies a whole website setup platform which you could adapt for your specific requirements with a few mouse clicks. Numerous widgets and plugins enhance its functionality to the point that it can be employed for practically any type of web site – from a dog’s homepage to a large organization website. Moreover, it happens to be completely free – there’s no obligation to pay any individual a license fee.

WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation and shares no connection with Vintage Recreations.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

As earlier stated, WordPress is extremely well–known and today, 1 out of every 4 sites is powered by WordPress. This has spurred a high interest in high–quality WordPress shared web hosting packages solutions. And that is why we provide you with WordPress–optimized shared web hosting packages services. With Vintage Recreations, you could have WordPress set up right at sign–up. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee for your web site in addition to a 24/7 technical support service.

You’ll be equipped to regulate every thing that is related to your site and to your domain name from just one place – our custom Hosting Control Panel. It’s incorporated into our WordPress–optimized shared web hosting packages packages. It provides loads of applications to help you in handling your WordPress website. You’ll receive a File Manager that offers drag–and–drop file uploads, a Database Manager which allows 1–click database backups to be completed, and more.